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PD798 Ex Intrinsically Safe Digital Portable Radio

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Improved PCB Circuit Layout & EMC Shielding
· To achieve such a high safety standard, Hytera PD798 Ex adopts optimized distributed line design on PCB, minimizing the odds of circuit fault. All the key components on the PCB are covered with a shield, and the space between lines, between components, between component and shield, are properly spaced, which translates to better EMC performance and less internal interference.

Innovative Silicone Encapsulating
·Silicone encapsulant technology prevents the internal circuits from the interface with air and liquid which effectively stops the intrusion of liquid, dust and harmful gas. The silicone encapsulating process is delicate and complicated. As a result, every single PD798 Ex radio spends eight hours in the manufacturing line.

Innovative Electrostatic Free Design
· Upgradable software enables new features without buying a new radio could also be switched into MPT and DMR trunking modes with the corresponding license an applied on the same hardware.

High Audio Quality and Assured Communication
· Hytera applies for patent on the electrostatic free design and dual-material molding technology in this intrinsically safe portable. The static dispersive material (blue) minimizes static accumulation on the surface, thus reducing the probability of static discharge on the radio. Meanwhile, the robust material (black) maximizes the ruggedness of the enclosure.

IP67 (non-explosion-proof)
· The Ingress Protection reaches IP67 (6: Totally protected against dust; 7: Protected against the effects of immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes). It's the highest IP level for the land-based wireless radio application.

Patented Battery Latch
·To disengage the battery from Hytera digital portables, the lock and bolt of the latch need to be moved along two different axes. Such a patented design ensures no disengagement of the battery pack from the main radio in case of dropping that might cause a spark.

· ATEX is the European Union directive to which all two-way radios must conform if used in potentially explosive environments. It replaces the Cenelec classification in all European Union member states and EFTA countries.

· IECEx Scheme is the future route to global compliance certification. Its aim is to harmonize standards to allow free movement of goods by establishing a worldwide accepted standard.

· FM (FM Approvals LLC) is a member of Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories

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