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IC-7200 HF/50 MHz Transceiver

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With an excellent balance between cost and performance, the IC-7200 opens the door to the world of HF for new hams and is a great option for long experienced operators looking for a secondary rig to carry out into the field. The IC-7200’s rugged design includes a “rear bumper” that lets you stand the radio on its end and the buttons and knobs on the front panel protect against water intrusion.

Output power:100W (25W AM)
RX Frequencies: 0.030-60.00

•While the IC-7200 is an entry-class transceiver, advanced digital features are comparable to higher class transceivers.

AGC loop management
• Distortion and blocking from strong nearby signals are prevented by placing DSP functions inside the AGC loop. The AGC time constants are selectable from fast, slow and off for each operating mode.

loop mgm

Digital IF filter
•Optional filters will never be required for the IC-7200. The built-in digital filter allows you to flexibly select the filter width and shape from soft and sharp.*Filter shape is selectable for SSB and CW modes only.

Manual notch filter
•The manual notch filter delivers more than 70dB of attenuation. Strong interring tones will be eliminated without adversely affecting the AGC loop performance. On the bottom right of the front panel, a dedicated control knob adjusts the notch filter frequency.

Digital Twin PBT
• Tailor your IF passband with the Twin PBT by electronically shifting the upper and lower edges of the IF filter. Depending on the use of the concentric knobs, you can either narrow the IF passband, or shift the entire passband to eliminate interfering signals.


Digital noise reduction
•The noise blanker reduces pulse-type noise such as engine ignition and sparking. The NB level and width (blanking duration) are adjustable in 100 steps.

High stability transmitter
• The DDA (Direct Digital Synthesizer) creates a clear, clean transmit signal and improves the C/N ratio. With a dual-fan cooling system, the IC-7200 provides stable high-quality output even during high duty cycle operation.


USB port for PC control
•The IC-7200 can be controlled by a PC through a USB port using the CI-V data format. In addition, modulator and received audio can also be transferred over the USB cable. By using appropriate external software, you can record incoming calls and/or transmit preprogrammed messages from your PC.

Other features

• 0.5ppm frequency stability
• 201 memory channels
• Built-in 20dB attenuator
• Auto TS function
• 1Hz step tuning
• Band stacking register
• Built-in voice synthesizer
• Quick split
• Quick set mode
• CW mode operation
• RF speech compressor

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