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Our Vision:

To be the leading Communications solution provider

We take telecommunication seriously.

We understand that a good in-building walkie talkie coverage could mean life or death in an emergency. The walkie talkie is the fastest form of communication wherewith one press of the button, you are able to talk to 100 or even 1000 people instantly to get help, to instantly respond and to instantly receive instructions.


This is where Suneast comes in, helping customers ensure the safety of your staff. Through a full range of systems and digital solutions, we make sure your communication coverage extends to every part of your building so that your people will always be connected all the time. 

At Suneast, we’ve been in the walkie talkie business since 1980. Since then, we have built and installed walkie talkie systems for some of Singapore’s largest buildings. Today, we offer one of the most technologically advanced solutions for your in-building coverage, preventive maintenance and enhancement solutions to ensure your investment lasts. 

Core Values



Our success has always been based on customer focus. We make sure that we get to know to our customers’ needs and we aim to offer value and quality to ensure all the customer’s needs are taken care of.



Our reputation is based upon our ability to fulfil promises to stakeholders, customers and employees. We do so by being honest in every step of the way.



We are determined to add value in all that we do. From our Distributed Antenna System design to our Maintenance Program, we add

value in the best way possible

and to the best of our ability.



We're committed to delivering the best service and solutions that add value, excellence & professionalism in all our projects to our customers.

The Professionals since 1980.

Our Quality Guarantee

For all our projects & enhancements, we ensure that your network coverage obtains a 95% coverage within your building.

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