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RD968 Digital Portable Repeater

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Smart Battery (optional)
· A 10Ah smart Li-Ion battery can support at least eight hours of work when working at 50% duty cycle and high TX power. Compatible with the smbus1.1 standard, RD968 can monitor battery conditions such as estimated remaining capacity, used capacity percentage, and usage record; the device can also maximize the battery life; through smart charge management, it can automatically recharge the battery for use anytime; powered by three levels of battery protection, the device considerably enhances charging safety and reliability.

Repeater Diagnostics and Control
· Through a PC-based application, the product can monitor, diagnose and control remote (connected to the Internet via an IP port) and local repeaters (via a USB port), thus increasing the productivity. Hytera's RDAC software supports network access at multiple points and allows the administrator to monitor networked two-way radios.

Voice Input/output via Dual Time Slots: easy for monitoring and voice recording
· In digital mode, the device supports voice input and output via dual time slots and enables users to record calls continuously.

Digital/analog Compatibility and Smart Switching
· Back to back interconnection of digital & analog networks can be achieved by wired or wireless IP, ensuring a smooth analog-to-digital migration.

Flexible Networking
· By connecting geographically distributed repeaters that run at the same or different frequencies to form an IP-based and location-independent wireless communication network, IP-based repeater interconnection allows mobile radios to obtain voice and data services while roaming.

16 Channels
· The product supports up to 16 channels. You can switch between channels using PC-based RDAC software, the channel selector knob on the front panel, or the external interface on the repeater.

Digital-analog Interconnection for Smooth Transition
· The feature enables two-way radios with digital and analog capabilities, and digital and analog users to intercommunicate in different operating modes to guarantee users' seamless transition from analog to digital capabilities.

· The GPS module supports GPS data transmission and enables emergency command centers to monitor the location of a small mobile network in real time.

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