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IC-2300H VHF FM Mobile Transceiver

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The IC-2300H, 144MHz mobile, retains the same basic features from the popular IC-2200H; powerful 65W output power, simple-to-use user interface, built-in CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder, etc. While keeping those basic features, the IC-2300H is packed in to a smaller body (in depth) than the IC-2200H.

Output power: 65W, 25W, 10W, 5W
RX frequencies: 144-148MHz
Memory channels: 207 (includes 6 scan edges & 1 call)

Simple operation
• The IC-2300H’s basic panel layout includes a simple user interface. A large LCD with 6 alphanumeric characters offers a good viewing angle for mobile operation. Select either the amber, yellow or green backlight color. The bottom of the display indicates the available front panel functions.

Built tough
• Upgradable software enables new features without buying a new radio could also be switched into MPT and DMR trunking modes with the corresponding license an applied on the same hardware.

Multiple scan functions
The IC-2300H supports various scan types for a maximum reception to suit your needs. The DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) system allows you to scan selected banks from 10 memory banks by simply adding and deleting bank links.
• Full scan
• Programmed scan
• Memory scan
• Bank scan
• Bank link scan (DMS)
• Skip scan
• Priority scan
• Tone scan

Additional Features
• Built-in CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder for quiet standby and repeater access
• Power supply voltage display
• 4.5W (typical) loud audio
• Reduced depth dimensions
• DTMF autodial 
• Time-out timer
• Repeater lockout
• Automatic power of
• S-meter squelch
• Wide/narrow channel setting
• Weather channel receive and weather alert functionS-meter squelch
• Automatic repeater function
• Selectable squelch delay from short and long
• Squelch attenuator reduces suppression from string signals

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